Saturday, February 21, 2015

Does your Computer have Superfish?

Protecting our PCs from Malware, Junkware, Viruses and Adware is fast becoming a daily chore and there is no end in sight. Every week brings a new challenge and this week is no different. PC manufactures load up new computers with Junkware to generate a little more profit - PCs sales operate on very low margins.

Lenovo seems to have taken this practice one step too far - by adding Adware that seems to break the secure protocol that your web browser uses to connect to secure websites. You know - like your bank.

Superfish, as it is being called appears to be installed primarily on Lenovo computers shipped over the last couple of years. Although, your computer could have picked it up via other means. So, you might want to check your Windows based PC for "infestation". Microsoft has added a detection signature to Windows Defender for Windows 8 users, but, thanks to LastPass, you can run a quick check by going to Superfish Tester.

If you do have Superfish Adware there are additional instructions for it's removal.