Saturday, February 21, 2015

Make your Iphone/IPad Touch ID Flawless

Apple's Fingerprint reader - Touch ID, has been well received, particularly with the advent of Apple Pay. The second generation of this technology was significantly improved, and recognition has been superb for most users.

There are, however, some users who continue to experience occasional misses when validating their Fingerprint. This tip, thanks to Steve Gibson at will make your Touch ID recognition flawless. The trick is to Overtrain. This will give the database more information and make it more reliable under diverse conditions - moist, dry, different angles, etc. Give it a try.

Go to your Touch ID & Passcode Settings. At the bottom of that screen is a list of the registered fingerprints. You can also register new fingerprints - adding fingers, if you want, but you don't need to do so. Simply keep on touching the Touch ID with the existing fingerprint that is already saved and registered. You will notice the saved fingerprints turn grey for a second, indicating that it is being trained. Continued this process. You can change the angle of your finger as you progress. Go slowly, the phone will take as many samples as you want to give it. The more samples you give the phone for each fingerprint, the more accurate Touch ID will become. Five minutes worth of training will make Touch ID almost flawless.