Thursday, March 26, 2015

How To Create A Full Backup Image Clone Of Your Mac OSX

Data backups are great and everyone should backing up regularly. Unfortunately, this practice is often insufficient. If your hard drive crashes or your Operating System becomes corrupt, you are faced with an arduous task. Reinstalling your OS X and all of your applications is no fun.

Recently, we posted a tip on how to Clone your Windows Computer and many have asked about the Mac. The procedure for Cloning your Mac is very similar, we just need a different application. Keep in mind that the Clone generates an exact duplicate (snapshot) of your computer at a given point in time. As with Windows you will need backup media. I recommend an external USB hard drive - at least as large as the drive in your Mac.

Next you will want to pick up a copy of SuperDuper, by Shirt Pocket Software. It is an excellent free application, which is well supported and easy to use. They offer a premium version that costs around $28 dollars, which adds a Smart Update feature. To me, this is well worth the investment.

Simply install and follow the directions to make your bootable backup image. Create a new one every month so that your Clone will be relatively up to date. The next time that hard drive crashes, plugin that external drive, restore your clone and you're back in business.