Wednesday, March 25, 2015

How To Use SIRI On Your Iphone/IPad To Get Your Stock Market Info

There are hundreds of Apps in Apple's Store that will assist you in monitoring your stock portfolio via your IPhone and/or Ipad. You can even add stock ticker symbols to the notification screen. Have you ever considered using your personal assistant - SIRI? You may want to give it a try. With the correct prompts, Siri will provide detailed stock market data - prices, highs, lows, dividends, and more.


Just "long press" the Home Button to summon SIRI and ask a question. Here are a few examples.

  1. What is the price of Apple? You can also use the ticker symbol (AAPL), but it may be less understandable for some stocks.
  2. What is the Dow Jones today?
  3. What did Apple close at?
  4. What is the dividend for Apple?
  5. 52 week high for AAPL? Use the ticker symbol for this one.
  6. What did Apple close at?

I doubt that SIRI will replace some of the great Iphone Apps like Bloomberg, but it works remarkably well for quick Market info.