Monday, March 2, 2015

New PC or Old - It's time to get rid of that Bloatware

New Windows based PCs are almost always loaded with "Bloatware" - often called "Crapware". These nefarious gems, slow down your computer, take up space and in rare cases break secure communications across the Internet. Recently, Lenovo was called out for the later, when Superfish and Komodia adware broke https - Secure Communications when browsing. So, why do PC Hardware manufactures load a new PC with software that you don't need? Money. PC sales operate on very low margins and every penny counts.


You can buy a PC without the junk - Microsoft Signature PCs are "crapware free", but you may have to pay a little more. The other alternative is to remove all of the "Bloatware" manually, but it can be a laborious task. So, here is the tip. Grab a free copy of Revo Uninstaller or Decrap. Revo will discover and let you uninstall one at a time. Decrap is more automated and will allow you to select by Manufacture. Both do a great job with identification, but you should always monitor and make sure that they don't remove something that want to keep.