Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Do You Use An Android SmartPhone? Here Are Three Easy Tips You May Not Know.

There are thousands of apps in the Google Play Store that will let you expand the capability of your Android based smartphone. There are also quite a few "built in" hidden features that you may not know. If you are an "Android Guru" who has mastered all of the tricks - pass them on and help a friend. Here are three that may prove useful.


  1. Do you often type unusual names, technical jargon or other words that aren't in your Smartphone's Dictionary? This can become tedious on that small keyboard. Teach your phone new words by long pressing on a word to add it to your personal dictionary. The next time you have to type it, your phone will suggest the word after a few letters, saving time and finger fatigue.
  2. Do you use more cellular data in a month than your plan allots? You probably already know that you can monitor the usage. Go into Settings and then Data Usage to view a breakdown of how much data you've used. You may not know that you can also set an alert to tell you when you're getting close to your limit. In addition, you may want to set your phone to stop using cellular data, altogether, when you've hit your monthly cap.
  3. Have you ever lost your smartphone? Was it misplaced or stolen? In either case, I hope you are using Android Device Manager. Suppose a "good guy" finds your device and wants to return it to you. How will they know how to get in touch with you? Fortunately, Android will let you put your name, email address, and an alternate phone number on your lock screen. The "good guy" will be able to contact you, but won't have access to any other info on your phone. To add your info, go into the Settings menu and select Security>Screen Security>Owner Info.