Thursday, April 23, 2015

Facebook Quick Tip - How to Save That Interesting Newsfeed Post For Later Reading

Sometimes interesting posts and links appear in my Facebook Newsfeed, at moments when I don't have time to check them out. A few days later, if I remember, I try to find the post - to no avail. I suspect many have had a similar experience. Fortunately, Facebook provides an excellent solution, but it is often undiscovered. So, let's use Facebook's "Save For Later".


To save a link in your Newsfeed, click the little arrow in the top-right of any post that includes a link. Then click the Save "Link" button from the pull down. Your story (Article, Video, Audio, etc.) will be saved to your Saved Folder. You probably didn't know that you have a Saved Folder. That's because you won't see the folder until you save something for the first time. After you save you will see a "saved" ribbon in your left hand favorites bar. Click on the ribbon and you will find all of your saved items - for your eyes only.