Thursday, April 2, 2015

Five Facebook Tips That You May Find Helpful.

Do you use Facebook? If the answer is yes, you have plenty of company - 1.4 billion worldwide. Facebook updates their platform regularly and the sheer number of changes is often overwhelming. New features arrive and old ones disappear. Here are five features that you may have missed.

  1. You have probably been sharing posts and pictures for several years. In fact, you may have forgotten most of them. Would you like a copy of all of your posts? Facebook actually allows you to download all of your data and posts. From the Desktop version of FB, Click on Settings> General Tab> Select " Download a copy of your Facebook Data". Your info will be delivered in a compressed zip file.
  2. Have you seen a video on FB that you want to download and keep? Give this a try. When viewing a video on Facebook, simply add the word "down" just before "" in the link in the address field of your browser. For example if you're watching this video: Just remove "s" from "https" and add the word "down" to look like this: Now just load that link into your browser (enter or click Go) and follow the instructions to download the video from Facebook.
  3. Do those Auto Playing Videos bug you? Do they make you waste cellular data on your Smartphone? It's easy turn off Autoplay. On a Desktop Computer: Go to your options drop-down menu in the top right. Click "Settings". Select the "Videos" link on the left. Turn the "Auto-Play Videos" from "ON" to "OFF". For Mobile Android Devices: Open the Facebook app and tap your phone's menu button. Tap Settings and Scroll down - tap Video Auto-play. Choose an option. For Iphone and IPad: Go to your phone or tablet's settings. Scroll down and tap Facebook. Tap Settings. Below Video - tap Auto-play and choose an option.
  4. You know by now that you don't see everything your Friends post on FB. Perhaps you like it that way. On the other hand, you may want to see everything from specific individuals. Fortunately, you can do this and it will make your Feed much better. Go to your Profile page and Click on Friends. Any friend that is not part of Close Friends or Acquaintances, will show without a star. Click on a user with a check mark and add them to one of the two groups. Add as many friends as you want. On your main Facebook page you can now see Close Friends and Acquaintances listed on the left side. Click on one of these to see every post that these friends share on Facebook. This may include posts that don't interest you. Comment on and like the updates that you care about and very soon your Facebook news feed will improve to show you the updates you want to see. This takes time, but it is the best Facebook tip for building a better news feed.
  5. Does your Iphone, IPad or Android device constantly ring or buzz telling you that a FB Friend has invited you to play a game. You can stop these Facebook game notifications and requests with this tip: On your IPhone or IPad go to Facebook -> More -> Settings -> Notifications -> Mobile Push -> Uncheck Application Requests and Application Invites. On Android go to Facebook -> Tap on the Three Lines in the upper right -> App Settings -> Uncheck Application Requests.