Friday, April 10, 2015

How To Backup All Of Your Digital Music & Play It Everywhere - Free

Most music lovers have a large collection of digital music. Mp3s that were "ripped" from CDs or encoded from old vinyl records, songs that were purchased from Amazon, ITunes, etc. Usually they are stored on a computer or a mobile device like an IPod or IPhone. The "music geeks" may also have them on a home Media Server. A large collection can consume a substantial amount of precious storage space - particularly on a mobile device, like a Smartphone. On the other hand, it is very convenient to have your entire music collection in your pocket - play any song anywhere.

Do you have a backup of your music collection? You should. Sooner or later a hard drive or SSD will fail, and without a backup, you'll lose everything. Fortunately, there is a simple solution that will provide you with a Backup and allow you to play your Music everywhere - from virtually any device. Best of all, it's free.


Google Play Music is a free service that provides storage and playback of up to 50,000 of your songs. To get started you will need a free Google Account - if you already have one, you are good to go. Go to the Google Play Music website from your desktop and log in to your existing Google account to get started. From there the site will walk you through the process of installing the the Music Manager software to add your music files. You will need to upload all of your songs to the Google Cloud. This process may take a long time, depending on the size of your collection and the speed of your Internet connection. But, you only have to do it one time. The Music Manager will search your computer for music files or you can pick individual tracks and albums to add. During the process your songs will be scanned, and where possible, matched to songs stored in the Google Cloud. So the only songs actually uploaded are the ones that are not matched in the process. This provides an additional benefit - the audio quality of the songs stored by Google is likely superior to your older Mp3 files. This process is similar to Apple's ITunes Match, but you can store twice as many songs and it's free. ITunes Match costs around $24.00 per year.

When you're finished uploading your files, you'll be able to stream or download your music using the Google Play Music App which is available for Android and IOS (IPhone, IPad, IPod Touch). You can also play music from your desktop or laptop by going to the Google Play Music website. This gives you access to your entire music collection, anytime - anywhere, without using up valuable storage space. Of course, streaming music over the Internet does use quite a bit of data. So, you may want to limit your use over the Cellular Networks. When traveling you can always download a playlist to your device over WIFI, in advance. Remember that backup we mentioned? You now have it, stored on Google's Servers - offsite and safe.

Finally, if you really want to expand your musical horizons, you can add Google's Music Subscription Service. For $10 per month Google Play Music All Access will put a 30 million song library at your disposal. Stream all the music you want, wherever you want, coupled with you own library. A great solution for the music lover who likes to explore new genres. Google's music subscription service is very similar to the other popular services like Spotify, Rdio and Beats Music.