Saturday, April 25, 2015

How To Control Your Kid's Internet Access Using OpenDNS - Free

Most homes today are filled with Internet connected devices - Computers, Smartphones, Game consoles, tablets, etc. Behind many of these devices there are young users who may be unprepared for the myraid of negative influences, often found on the open Internet. Parents may find it very difficult to monitor all of their child's Internet activity. Fortunately, there is an excellent free service that makes it relatively easy to setup Parental Controls across your home network. All you need is a WIFI router and a free Open DNS account.

OpenDNS enables web filtering at your router, so one change will provide filtering for every device on your network. Or, you can assign it to individual devices. This allows adults to have an unfiltered Internet experience.

Simply, go to and create an account. Choose OpenDNS Home Parental Controls, which is quick, easy and completely free. When you finish creating an account, you will need to confirm via the email address you provided. Follow the instructions relative to changing the DNS settings on various devices, as well as, your gateway WIFI router. Changing your home router's DNS addresses is a matter of logging into the web administration portal and changing two numbers. This change will filter all traffic on the network, so you may want to change the DNS settings on particular clients and device for unfettered access. Follow the instructions to proceed to the OpenDNS Dashboard.

When you first access the OpenDNS Dashboard, you’ll need to add your home network. If you’re connecting from a computer within your network, your IP address (The address provided by your Internet Access Provider) will be shown at the top. Go to the Settings tab to add this address. At this point you can setup your web content filtering level. You may choose levels or categories and customize specific sites.

While OpenDNS will not provide absolute security and protection (a precocious and enterprising child may circumvent the filter), it will assist parents in coping with this ongoing challenge.