Monday, April 20, 2015

Podcasts Are Fast Becoming The New TV - Learn How To Watch & Listen On Your Mobile Device

Have you taken advantage of the recent rebirth the Podcast phenomenon? The days of limited topics and and amateurish production and talent are long gone. Podcasts have become the new TV. The content is vast and most now are professionally produced. "Audio only" still exists for the radio lovers, but most are shot in HD Video. There is a Podcast for every interest - news, politics, entertainment, technology, arts, business, comedy, hobbies, health, kids, music, science, sports, religion, health and education. Best of all, viewing and subscribing is free.


In the early years most users were forced to watch or listen from their Desktop or Laptop computer (generally using ITunes). It worked fine, but it was not particularly convenient. The widespread use of mobile devices has changed everything. You can now enjoy your favorite Podcast via your smartphone or table, while relaxing in your easy chair. It is as simple as installing one of the excellent Podcast Apps on your IPhone, IPad, Android or Windows device and subscribing to a show(s). There are many great Apps for serving up Podcasts, but here are a few recommendations.

For IPhone/IPad/IPod - IOS - Both of these are excellent and well supported.

  1. Downcast - $2.99 in the App Store - I use Downcast almost every day.
  2. Pocket Casts - $3.99 in the App Store.

For Android

  1. Pocket Casts - $3.99 in the Google Play Store.
  2. DoggCatcher - $2.99 in the Google Play Store.

For Windows Phone and Tablet

  1. Podcast Lounge (Windows Phone) - $2.99 in the Windows Phone Store.
  2. Podcasts! (Windows 8.1 - Modern UI) - Free in the Windows App Store.
  3. Pocket Casts - $3.99 is now available for Windows Phone, as well.