Friday, May 8, 2015

How To Cleanup Your Slow Windows Computer By Removing The Toolbars & Junkware

"Surfing" the web can be fun and informative, but the Internet has become a wild frontier. Over time your Windows based computer will become replete with Browser Toolbars, Junkware, Adware, PUPs (Potential Unwanted Programs), browser hijackers and other nefarious infections. You probably did not voluntarily install any of these unwelcome additions. These "Gems" are routinely installed when visiting unscrupulous websites or via rogue attachments in email. Your anti-malware application will prevent and remove a few of these, but many do not fall, strictly, into the virus/malware category. Consequently, they are often ignored.

Unfortunately, this Junkware will lead to endless Popups and a slow and sluggish computer. So, let's clean it up with a free application - AdwCleaner from Xplode.

Download and install the application - it runs on all versions Windows (XP - 8.1). Make sure that you get the latest version from Xplode - there are Fake copies circulating around the Internet they will drop additonal payloads. AdwCleaner is simple to use. After you have installed the program, launch it and click the Search button to initiate a scan of your computer. When the scan is complete, click on the Delete button to remove to Junk. You will be asked to reboot your computer. That's it - you should see a substantial improvement in the performance of your computer.