Friday, May 15, 2015

How To Get Nice Clean Pages And Save Ink & Paper When Printing Webpages

Many years ago, before the "World Wide Web" the Internet was devoid of all of the pictures, graphics, music, videos, ads, glitter and distractions that we now have. It was a simple world of plain text. Most modern users would have found it boring.

Exploring the Internet today provides a very different, almost immersive, experience. But, sometimes we just want to revert back, remove the "junk" and read plain text. Have you ever tried to read and article that was replete with ads, videos and Popups? Have you ever tried printing one of these articles, from your browser, and watched your printer spit out 20 sheets - when the text would easily fit on 2? What a waste of Ink, Paper and time!


There is a better way. CleanPrint, from Format Dynamics, is a free utility that will remove all of the unwanted, graphics, headers, ads, etc., format the document, and give you a plain text copy for printing. You can control the fonts and remove any sections that you don't need. The application runs as an extension in your Browser on Chrome and Firefox. Internet Explorer and Safari use a Bookmarklet (Favorite) to call up CleanPrint. In addition, the Bookmarklet also works fine with Safari on the IPad. The utility is very easy to use. Simply click the Extension Icon or Favorite (Bookmark) and the current page will be optimized. You are then free to customize from a myraid of options - print, save as pdf or text, email, send to (Dropbox, Box or Google Drive), add a note, change a font, share, etc.

Cleanprint does have an included ad, but that's a small price to pay for the added benefit.