Saturday, May 2, 2015

How To Properly Secure Your IPhone/IPad In Case It's Lost Or Stolen

Is your mobile device secure? Do you use a passcode? What would you do if your device was stolen? It happens all the time. If you use an IOS device like an IPhone or IPad, keeping it secure from prying eyes is quick and simple.

First, you should decide how secure you need to be. Does your device store data that needs to be absolutely private? Or, does it have access to data, in the Cloud, that needs to be secure? If so, consider using a more complex password - a 4 digit PIN may not be enough. The downside - it is definitely less convenient typing all of those characters. A newer IPhone or IPad alleviates this issue with Touch ID (the fingerprint reader). So, if you have Touch ID, there is no reason not to use a more complex passcode.


Next, setup your IPhone or IPad to Erase the device after the passcode has been entered incorrectly 10 times. Make sure that you have backed up your device to ICloud (Settings>ICloud>Backup) or via USB using ITunes. Caution - small children can reach 10 misses quickly.

  1. Go to Settings > Passcode (this will be Touch ID & Passcode if you have a Touch enabled device). Hint: You could use all Numbers as a compromise between security and convenience.
  2. Enter your current Passcode.
  3. Toggle off - Simple Passcode if you want to use a complex PIN.
  4. Toggle on - Erase Data, to activate the 10 incorrect attempts strategy.

Mission accomplished.