Monday, May 4, 2015

How To Read The "E-edition" Of Your Local Newspaper And Still Get Those Weekly Ads

Do you read a traditional, daily or weekly local "paper & ink" newspaper? Many readers, even avid news junkies, have abandoned the print versions in favor of the so called E-editions. These Digital Editions are much more than Newspaper Websites. They are page for page PDF replicas of the Print edition.

Some readers prefer the old style, but many enjoy reading the paper on a computer or, more recently, a tablet. There are many Pros - less expensive in most localities, "green", available when traveling, clean, etc. How about the Cons? It is not very convenient without a tablet, a little difficult to clip ads and generally you don't receive the weekly circular ads.


Many subscribers are happy to be free of those prolific Flyers, but the lack of local circulars (Grocery, Pharmacy, Electronics, Department Stores) is a "game breaker" for others. If you fall into the later category, but like your e-edition, there is an "App For That".

Retale is available for IOS (IPad, IPhone) and Android. In addition, there is a web version that is accessible from your favorite Browser, via most any operating system. Retale will find and display the weekly circulars based on your present or chosen (zip code) location. The App is simple to use and the User Interface works well on smartphones and tablets. You can grab the app free from Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.