Wednesday, May 20, 2015

How To Setup Custom Notification Sounds On Your Windows Phone 8.1

Anyone who has used a smartphone for more than a week, knows how useful notifications can be - if they don't get out of control. First, survey your apps and turn off Notifications on those that you don't need. You can easily take care of this on your Windows Phone 8.1 by going to Settings>System>Notifications+Actions.

Popup Notifications are helpful, but smartphones are generally out of sight. So, customizing Alert Sounds can keep you on task and reduce the constant interruptions. Windows Phone 8.1 will let you assign specific sounds to your Apps and to each of your Contacts. When a Notification arrives you will know whether you need to respond immediately or wait until it is more convenient.


To Assign an Alert Sound to a Specific Contact:

  1. Open a specific Contact (People Icon) and Click on the More ... At the bottom.
  2. Click on Edit. Select a Ringtone Sound and a Text Tone Sound.

To Assign an Alert Sound To a Specific App:

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Click on Ringtones+Sounds.
  3. Click on Manage App Sounds. You will see a list of Apps that support Custom Alert Sounds.
  4. Just Click on the appropriate App to customize the Alert Sound.
  5. Custom alert sound options include showing the app in the Action Center, turning on/off the notification banners, turning on/off the vibrate alert, and choosing the notification sound.

That's it. You can now rest easy knowing that the next Alert you hear, may not be as important as you thought.