Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Planning On Buying A New Smartphone? Don't Sell or Recycle The Old One Until You Follow These Steps

Smartphone users are often looking for that "lastest and greatest" device. Will it be an Android handset, IPhone or maybe a Windows Phone. There are many great choices, in all price ranges, on every platform.

Once you make your final decision you will be faced with the question - What will I do with my old device? Sell it, pass it on, or maybe drop it off at a recycling center. Whatever method you choose - you should make sure that you have completed the following steps, to secure your data and privacy.

  1. If your Smartphone has a SIM card (most do), remove it. The new owner will be issued a new card by their Carrier.
  2. Backup your Smartphone - IPhone (via ITunes or ICloud), Android (via the Google Play Services) and Windows Phone (via the Windows Phone Store).
  3. Remove, or format and erase your SD card. Many Android and Windows Phones have a SD card for additional storage. The IPhone does not.
  4. Finally, Reset and Erase your Smartphone - restoring it back to the default factory settings.
  5. For IPhone - go to Settings>General>Reset>Erase All Content And Settings.
  6. For Android - go to Settings>Backup And Reset>Factory Data Reset>Reset Phone. The instructions may vary slightly depending on the OS version.
  7. For Windows Phone - go to Settings>About>Reset Your Phone.

You can now safely pass your device on, and grab a new one.