Monday, June 1, 2015

How To Avoid Installing Junkware & Bundleware On Your Windows PC.

There are many excellent Freeware applications for your Windows based computer. Most of the developers that offer these programs have to find some way to monetize their efforts. Unfortunately, there has been a growing trend toward bundling other, often nefarious, apps with the base App that you were seeking. You have probably encountered this every time you have to update Adobe Flash on your PC.

The bundled "Junkware" is often obfuscated, and installs without your knowledge. In addition, there are a bewildering array of check boxes and defaults that confuse and trick the unsuspecting user.

Generally, if you choose a Custom installation and read the instructions very carefully, you can navigate the obstacles and successfully avoid the junk. But, there is a better way!


There is a great little, free, Windows application called Unchecky, that will make your freeware installation a breeze. Unchecky will run on all versions of Windows - XP and above.

Just download the program and run the installer. Unchecky runs in the background and uses few resources. You will probably not know that it is running until you install a new program and find that it has automatically unchecked the "Junkware" and provided you with a clean install.

Unchecky stumbles occasionally with older software, but works fine with most newer applications. It is particularly suited for normal computer users who may not be willing, or inclined, to perform complex custom installations.