Friday, June 19, 2015

How To Increase Privacy And Decrease Third Party Tracking On Your IPhone And IPad

It is often said that "if you are not paying for a product - you are the product." This may not tell the complete story, but all of us know that advertising runs the Internet. How many Internet Services do you use that are free? Email, news, music, video, podcasts, cloud storage, social networks - the list is long. All of these services have to find some way to monetize - online content is not free.

Most users understand this model and are willing to live with online/mobile ads that are non-intrusive. However, many are obnoxious and employ surreptitious tracking methods that are often seen as an invasion of privacy. The goal is to deliver "targeted ads", but this requires a wealth of information about "you" - the target.

You may not be concerned about this type of tracking. But, if you would like to err on the side of Privacy, here are a few changes you may want to implement on your IPhone or IPad.


1. Turn off Diagnostics and Usage Data on your iPhone. Tap Settings > Privacy > Diagnostics and Usage and select Don’t Send.

2. Turn off Geo-Location for Photos. Tap Settings > Privacy > Location Services > Camera and select Never.

3. Turn off Location based Ads. Tap Settings > Privacy > Location Services > System Services and set Location-Based iAds to Off.

4. Limit Ad Tracking. Tap Settings > Privacy > Advertising and set Limit Ad Tracking to On. While you are here tap the Reset Advertising Identifier so you are using a new ID number that advertisers cannot track.

5. Turn on Do Not Track. Do Not Track is a Safari option that prevents reputable websites from tracking your information. Tap on Settings > Safari and set Do Not Track to On.

6. Use Duck Duck Go instead of Google for Searching. tap on Settings > Safari > Search Engine and tap on DuckDuckGo. This web engine is designed for anonymity - no tracking, or sharing of your personal information.