Sunday, June 7, 2015

How To Remove That Annoying "Get Windows 10" Tray Icon From Your PC

Microsoft Windows users, worldwide, were "treated" to a new Popup early last week. The little white Windows logo suddenly appeared in the lower right Tray - beckoning unsuspecting users to "Get Windows 10". Initially, many assumed that this was some type of Malware. Viruses have become so common that everyone should react with an abundance of caution.

This time it was genuine Microsoft. To be sure, the pesky image is in part, a simple ad. Microsoft is letting you know that your computer qualifies for a free upgrade to Windows 10. You can use the icon to "reserve a copy". The truth is, you don't have to reserve a copy. Windows 10 will be available, as a free upgrade, on your consumer Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 computer, for a period of one year (July 29, 2015 - July 29, 2016).


So, should you reserve your copy now? It appears that Windows 10 reservations will be delivered through the normal Windows Update Channel. It will be downloaded and installed just like your monthly security updates. At this point we don't know if it will Automatically install, based on your Update settings. I suspect you will receive a warning before the update occurs, giving you the opportunity to postpone the process.

Most cutting edge "Geeks" will upgrade on July 29, 2015. If you don't fall into this category, or if your computer is "mission critical", just wait. Most of the bugs will be fixed prior to the one year deadline, and the new features are not - "must have". If you want to cancel your reservation, Right-click the system tray icon and select Check your upgrade status. Click the Cancel reservation link. If you don't see the link, click the hamburger button in the top-left, click View information, and then click the Cancel reservation.

So, if you don't want to have that little reminder running in the background, and appearing in your tray, here's how you can remove it.

  1. Go to Control Panel > Programs and Features > Installed Updates.
  2. Search for KB3035583, double-click it, and then click Yes, to uninstall the update.
  3. Finally, Reboot your computer and the tray icon should be gone.

Remember, as a consumer, you have a one year window to grab the Windows 10 upgrade free - something Microsoft has never done before. If you decide later that you would like to accept the "Reservation" you can always reinstall the KB3035583 update, manually, and get the Tray Icon back.

I have been impressed with the pre-release versions of Windows 10 and I suspect most general users will pleased.