Sunday, July 12, 2015

Tired Eyes? Tell Your IPad Or IPhone To Read Your Ebook Aloud

Have you ever tried Audio Books? They are not just for those with impaired vision. Audio books add a new dimension to your latest novel. Professional Readers can give an average book new life and draw you into the action. Audio Books are particularly well suited for long car trips. There are, however, two drawbacks - price and limited selection. A typical Audio best seller can command double the price of it's Ebook counterpart, and many selections are simply not available in the Audio Book format.

Fortunately, we do have another choice - it is not as engaging as a well narrated Audio Book, but it's a good substitute when your eyes are tired or you're solo, in a car. Simply have SIRI (the IOS voice assistant) read it aloud. Here's how.


1. On your IPhone or IPad - Go to Settings > General > Accessibility > Speech. Toggle on Speak Screen. To start SIRI reading, pick a screen of text and swipe down with two fingers from the top of the screen. You can have Siri read any text that's currently displayed, from any app.

2. SIRI will read everything on your screen - including things you may not want - like page numbers. Select an Ebook (Kindle, IBook, EPub, etc) and give it a try. When she reaches the end of a page she will turn to the next page. Take note of the small arrow on the side of the screen. When selected you will find several options - play, pause and speed.

3. Keep in mind that your Screen Lock will override your reading session, so you may want to go to Go to Settings > General > Auto-Lock, and make sure Auto-Lock is set to Never. Don't forget to reset your lock, when you are done.

Obviously, Siri Is not a substitute for a Professional Reader, and she doesn't read as well as a normal human being. It takes time to get used to its monotone voice. SIRI will also, occasionally, mispronounce a word. But overall the experience is very good - particularly when you need to rest those weary eyes.