Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Five Windows 10 Keyboard Shortcuts That Everyone Should Know

Windows 10 adoption, recently (as of late September 2015), hit the 100 million mark, as consumers continue updating their Windows 7 and 8.1 PCs. Many Windows 7 users have been faced with a fairly sharp learning curve.

The new touch features are handy if you have a Touch Enabled device. But, if you are "old school" you may long for your favorite Keyboard Shortcuts. So, here are five quick "Windows Key" favorites that every Windows 10 user should know.

1. Windows Key + A  -  Open the Action Center.
2. Windows Key + C  -  Open Cortana (The Microsoft Voice Assistant) in Listening Mode.
3. Windows Key + I  -   Open Settings.
4. Windows Key + L  -  Lock Your PC or Switch Users.
5. Windows Key + S  -  Open Search

Monday, September 28, 2015

Apple's New IOS 9 Has Some Great Features, But There's One You May Want To Disable

Have you updated your Iphone or IPad to IOS 9? Recent reports indicate that nearly half of all IPhone owners have stepped up to IOS 9. Overall, the lastest version has been, generally, well received. Apple has dropped a multitude of new features and fixed many of the remaining IOS 8 bugs.

There is, however, a new "feature" that you may want to turn off. I don't, personally, consider this a feature and I think it was unwise to enable it by default. The culprit is called WI-Fi Assist. It is designed to ensure that you always maintain a good connection to the Internet. If your Iphone/Ipad WIFI connection becomes unstable or weak, your Cellular Connection steps in and supplements or takes over.

Ok, so what's wrong with that? If you are on a Fixed Data Plan with your carrier - most of us are, you could rapidly go over your quota, and not know it. So, my suggestion is - turn it off. 

1. Go to Settings, then Cellular.
2. Scroll down to the very bottom.
3. If WI-Fi Assist is on (that is the default), turn it off.

How To Stop Your Apple Music Trial Subscription, Before Your Account Is Charged.

It has been almost 3 months since Apple unveiled "Apple Music" - Cupertino's entry into the crowded music subscription model. Many Apple fans signed up for a free 3 month trial subscription. Assuming you jumped in at the release, your trial will expire on September 30, 2015. Are you planning on paying $9.99 per month for "all you can eat" music? Perhaps you already use an alternative music streaming service. There are a plethora of choices - Spotify, Rdio, Google Play Music, Pandora, Rhapsody, etc. With the exception of Pandora, all of these services are very similar. Sure there are specific features that are unique to each, but all provide unlimited streaming access to millions of songs.

If you accepted Apple's trial offer, but are unwilling to pay the $9.99/month fee, you will need to turn off the automatic renewal. Fortunately, Apple has made the process simple. Here's how to unsubscribe from your Iphone or Ipad.

1. Open the Apple Music App on your device.
2. Click on your Profile Avatar in the upper left corner.
3. Click on View Apple ID. You will be asked for your Itunes Password.
4. Under the Subscriptions Categor, click on Manage.
5. Select Your Apple Music Membership.
6. You will see a button to Turn Off Auto Renewal.

Music Subscription Services are fantastic for "Music Lovers." The ability to have access to 20 million songs at home and in your pocket, is remarkable. Apple Music and Google Play are currently the only choices if you would like to store and have access to your personal digital collection, along with the other 20 million. This feature not only makes your collection available everywhere, but it also provides a nice backup.

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Clean Up Your Mac With An Old Friend From Your Windows Days - Malwarebytes For Mac

Malware & Adware on my Mac? You're kidding right? Nope, it's no longer just a Microsoft Windows problem. Mac infestations represent a small percentage of the total number of exploits, but the trend is growing.

Seasoned Windows users know that one of the best, free, malware cleanup utilities is Malwarebytes. The folks at Malwarebytes recently acquired Mac favorite - AdwareMedic and renamed it Malwarebytes for Mac  The newly branded product will manually scan your Mac and remove any Adware and Malware that you may have inadvertently picked up. The scanner is fast and efficient.

Presently the application is designed to remove previous infections. Since, it does not run in the background, monitoring your activity, it will not prevent an active attack. Too gain resident protection for your Mac, check out our article on Mac Security.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Are Your IPhone 6 Plus Photos Blurry? You May Be Entitled To A Replacement

The Iphone 6 Plus has been praised for having one of the best smartphone cameras available. Unfortunately, some users have had poor results. Apple has recently acknowledged that a small number of IPhone 6 Plus devices have a manufacturing defect that causes the rear iSight camera to produce blurred photos. The units in question were sold between September 2014 and January 2015.


Does your device qualify? Go to Apple's support page and enter your phone’s serial number to determine if your IPhone 6 Plus is eligible for a replacement. "If your iPhone 6 Plus is producing blurry photos and falls into the eligible serial number range, Apple will replace your device’s iSight camera, free of charge."

You will need to bring your IPhone to an Apple store, authorized dealer or contact Apple Care directly to repair the defect.