Monday, September 28, 2015

Apple's New IOS 9 Has Some Great Features, But There's One You May Want To Disable

Have you updated your Iphone or IPad to IOS 9? Recent reports indicate that nearly half of all IPhone owners have stepped up to IOS 9. Overall, the lastest version has been, generally, well received. Apple has dropped a multitude of new features and fixed many of the remaining IOS 8 bugs.

There is, however, a new "feature" that you may want to turn off. I don't, personally, consider this a feature and I think it was unwise to enable it by default. The culprit is called WI-Fi Assist. It is designed to ensure that you always maintain a good connection to the Internet. If your Iphone/Ipad WIFI connection becomes unstable or weak, your Cellular Connection steps in and supplements or takes over.

Ok, so what's wrong with that? If you are on a Fixed Data Plan with your carrier - most of us are, you could rapidly go over your quota, and not know it. So, my suggestion is - turn it off. 

1. Go to Settings, then Cellular.
2. Scroll down to the very bottom.
3. If WI-Fi Assist is on (that is the default), turn it off.