Thursday, September 3, 2015

Clean Up Your Mac With An Old Friend From Your Windows Days - Malwarebytes For Mac

Malware & Adware on my Mac? You're kidding right? Nope, it's no longer just a Microsoft Windows problem. Mac infestations represent a small percentage of the total number of exploits, but the trend is growing.

Seasoned Windows users know that one of the best, free, malware cleanup utilities is Malwarebytes. The folks at Malwarebytes recently acquired Mac favorite - AdwareMedic and renamed it Malwarebytes for Mac  The newly branded product will manually scan your Mac and remove any Adware and Malware that you may have inadvertently picked up. The scanner is fast and efficient.

Presently the application is designed to remove previous infections. Since, it does not run in the background, monitoring your activity, it will not prevent an active attack. Too gain resident protection for your Mac, check out our article on Mac Security.