Friday, October 9, 2015

How to Create Contact Groups On Your Apple Watch - Running WatchOS 2

Apple Watch owners have been anxiously awaiting WatchOS 2. The new ability to run Apps natively and independent of the tethered Iphone is expected to unleash a myriad of new capabilities.

Now that the update has arrived, we are beginning to explore some of those possibilities. 

The initial release of Apple Watch allowed users to setup 12 "Favorite" Contacts. These come in handy for quickly Calling, Texting or "Poking" a friend or relative. Many users found 12 to be somewhat limiting. The good news is - you can now create Contact Groups on the watch. Of course, it's much easier to setup the Groups from your Iphone. Here's how:

1. Launch the Watch App on your Iphone.
2. Scroll down and select Friends.
3. Swipe to the left to create a new Group.
4. You can drag and drop present contacts into a group.
5. When a Group is selected, you can give it a name (Work, Family, etc.) in the text box at the top. 
6. When you are finished, open Contacts on your Apple Watch by clicking the Side Button (not the Crown). When you scroll to a Group you should see it's name before selecting a particular contact.