Wednesday, January 20, 2016

How To Easily Uninstall A "Built-In" Windows 10 App

Many PC users have "taken the plunge" and installed Microsoft's latest - Windows 10. It remains free for most users until July 2016, and it seems to be a solid update.

If you have spent time with Windows 10, you may have noticed that it is bundled with a host of "built-in" Apps. Some of these Apps are excellent, but there are many others (Camera, Phone Companion, Get Office, Grove Music) that you may not need, or want. Perhaps you are using a Solid State Drive (SSD) and don't want to waste valuable hard drive space or wait for slow updates.

Unfortunately, Microsoft did not make it easy to remove these applications. There is no generic Uninstall - like the process used for 3rd party Apps. One commonly used method involves invoking PowerShell commands, but this can be complex and inconvenient for normal users. There is a better way - grab the free CCleaner from Piriform  The latest version has an uninstall tool that will remove any application - including those from Microsoft. CCleaner is an excellent program that you should probably have anyway. You can read more about it here

Simply install CCleaner and take the following steps:

1. In CCleaner, click the Tools icon on the left and then select Uninstall.
2. In the Uninstall screen, select the name of the Microsoft App that you want to uninstall from the Programs to Remove list.
3. Click Uninstall.