Monday, January 11, 2016

IPad Tip: Turn Your IPad Keyboard Into A Trackpad

The IPad has always been considered a "top of the line" consumption device. Recent iterations have expanded it's capabilities to where it can now compete in the "production arena". It may not be a full laptop replacement, but Apple added some nice features to IOS 9 that make it a viable candidate. 

Text editing, in particular, has always been a challenge when using the touchscreen interface. Fortunately, there are a few keyboard tricks in IOS 9 that make this a breeze.

How To Turn Your Keyboard Into A Trackpad

1. Open an App that requires the keyboard and touch the keyboard with two fingers. This action starts trackpad mode. Slide your fingers around to move the cursor. 
2. Tap two fingers once to select a word.
3. Tap two fingers twice to select a sentence.
4. Tap two fingers three times to select a  paragraph.
5. To select custom lengths of text - hold two fingers on the keyboard until the cursor switches to a text selector. Slide your fingers to select the boundaries of your custom text.