Sunday, February 28, 2016

How To Easily Unlock The Ultimate Windows 10 "Tweaker" - GodMode

Windows 10 is replete with features and "tweaks" that are either hidden or very difficult to find. If you are a Power User or simply someone who wants to optimize your workflow, you may want to unleash The Windows Master Control Panel. It's relatively easy to setup and you will be able to "tweak" a plethora of powerful "under the hood" parameters. So, let's make a new desktop shortcut to point the way.

1. Create a New Folder on your Desktop using a right mouse click.
2. Next, rename the Folder. The new folder name (shown below) includes a long set of characters and you must have them correct. Just copy and paste to make sure get it right.


3. You should now have a new Icon on your Desktop called GodMode.

Double-Click the new Icon and enjoy your new found access to hundreds of previously hidden settings and features.