Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Is Apple's QuickTime Installed On Your Windows Based Computer? Remove It Now!

Apple's QuickTime media player has been around since the early 90's. Applications like QuickTime and Adobe Flash have always been prone to exploits, particularly when their respective plugins are enabled in your Internet Browser. The "bad guys" look for holes that will allow malevolent code execution on your PC.


QuickTime has largely been replaced by html5, on the web, and Apple has stopped issuing security patches for the Windows version. The latest version contains several vulnerabilities, and the US Department of Homeland Security is advising Windows users to uninstall the application immediately. This does not apply to Quicktime for Mac.

QuickTime is usually bundled with ITunes, so if your computer has ITunes installed, you probably have QuickTime, as well. Fortunately, it is simple to remove. Go to Control Panel >> Category View >> Programs >> Uninstall a program. Select QuickTime, click uninstall and you're done. It is unlikely that you will miss it and your safety and privacy will be considerably enhanced.