Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Don't Let Windows 10 "Creators Update" Bite You

Many computer enthusiasts, using Windows 10, may be eagerly anticipating the "Creators Update", which is currently (April 11, 2017) being released. "Normal" users, however, may want to be cautious. 

You may recall that the last major update - Anniversary Edition, caused a plethora of issues and many users were crippled while Microsoft attempted to fix the problems.

 As you know, Windows 10 Home Edition, the version used by most folks, requires updates. You cannot stop or delay your computer from receiving version 1703 - Creators Update. When using a wireless connection, there is an option to defer when network bandwidth is restricted, but this may not be helpful for most users. So, Home Edition users will have to keep their fingers crossed and hope the Microsoft fixes any bugs, before it is downloaded and installed.


The rollout will be slow, and this large update will probably be spread over several months. 

Fortunately, Windows 10 Professional users have a better option. You can, and probably should, defer the Anniversary Update for a month, or so. You will still get all of the important security updates, without the aggravation of patching bugs, that will most likely be fixed, in a few weeks.

To defer updates on Windows 10 Pro:

1. Open Settings (WINDOWSKEY + I) and go to Update & Security > Windows Update and then select “Advanced options.” 

2. Select the option “Defer feature updates.”

The Creators Update is considered a Feature Update by Microsoft. It is, however, a Major Update and it will make significant OS changes to your computer. 

So, unless you are a computer enthusiast, who enjoys tinkering with the "latest and greatest", you may want to postpone the inevitable.