Saturday, May 13, 2017

Apple May Kill Thousands Of Apps With IOS 11

You may find that some of your favorite Iphone/Ipad apps will be killed off next month - June 2017, when Apple releases IOS 11. It's not 100% certain, but you may want to be prepared.

Back in early 2015 Apple started requiring 64-bit app support - fazing out 32-bit applications. It is also likely that future Iphone and Ipad processors will not support the older 32-bit apps.


Perhaps, you may have seen a popup, when running a 32-bit app, indicating that it may "slow down your device" or that it may not function on future versions of IOS. 

App Developers have been busy updating for 64-bit support, but there are thousands that will be left behind.

Will your favorite app make the cut? Here's how to check. 

1. Go to Settings>General>About>Applications
2. You should see a list of the 32-bit Apps - No Update Available

Developers may update some of these prior to IOS 11, but you may want to be looking for newer alternatives.